About Lords 83

Blending harmoniously with nature.
Sublime, serene, peaceful.

Morickap Lords83 Resort is a secluded luxury boutique hideaway on the hills of Wayanad. Come, embark on a journey of discovery to re-connect with your passion for nature, wildlife, fine living, and delectable food – along with family and friends.

This romantic avant-garde creation of exceptional beauty stands amidst stunning natural beauty in a heavenly section of Wayanad. Promoted by Morickap Developers who believe in offering personalized experiences and delivering sensational new delights in the form of new projects that enhance the tourism industry.

Now visitors can indulge in extraordinary dining experiences, visit the innumerable sightseeing regions of Wayanad, witness wildlife in the raw, get a rejuvenating Ayurvedic massage, play games AND watch cricket matches as they happen at the Krishnagiri Cricket Stadium ground right before the resort.

Morickap Lords83 Resort is an ambitious project from team – Morickap Developers. Their first project – the Morickap Resort at Vythiri is a resounding success and considered simply divine by avid tourists. It is a hill resort like no other with a Swiss-chateau style of construction. Set at a spectacular location, it can be easily reached from Bengaluru, Mysuru by car, or by overnight train from Chennai. Of course, there are direct flights from all over to Calicut, Coimbatore, or Mysuru from where one can hop into a chauffeured cab to reach the resort.

When one hears the word wayanad, a scenery with vividity will burst into his mind. Such is the beauty of this splendid district. A mere look at the surroundings will delight you with mindblowing beauty of mother nature. Having said that, wayanad is still lacking something and it is hurting it pretty badly. Question is the absence of profound structure which can help the tourists drink the beauty of wayanad to its lees and answer is Lords 83. After years of determined study of this particular issue, team morickap have returned with this marvellous plan.

Turn the pages, and figure out what it is. We warmly welcome you to this mighty voyage.

With regards

Nishin Thaslim CM
Morickap Developers


Wayanad has always been the green paradise of Kerala. The lush and lively nature of the hilly district is second to none not just in kerala, but in the whole south india. Despite being the favorite destination of millions of tourists annually, the fine cuisine, opulent hospitality have seldom been wayanad’s forte. But it is forever to be changed. Here comes lords 83. Fuelled by the visionary founder Nishin Thaslim’s unmatched quest along with the relentless pursuit for excellence by his successors conceived this majestic project. Right next to the charismatic cricket stadium of krishnagiri, Lord 83 opens up a brand new innings with 41 world class units of accommodation.

Our Team

Nishin Thaslim

Rizwan Shiraz
Managing Director

Roshan Fawaz
Financial Director

Director – Projects

Nithin Das
Corporate Marketing Head

Prem Chand
Corporate Sales Head