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Scenic Luxury Suits

Scenic Luxury Suits

A truly delightful holiday awaits you at Morickap Lords83 Resort at Wayanad – renowned for its rich verdant forests, cool invigorating climate, beautiful mountains, folklore and tribesmen, pristine waterfalls, and wildlife.

Majestic Pavilion Suits

Majestic Pavilion Suits

These suite rooms at Morickap Lords83 Resort opens out to dreamy lush green cricket ground seemingly suspended in space with distant mountains and clouds as the backdrop. It’s a magnet for holidayers who love nature and all it has to offer.

Spectrum of exceptional experiences

Morickap Lords83 Resort at Wayanad in Kerala overlooks the stunningly beautiful Krishnagiri Cricket Stadium. It is an indulgent tribute to India’s iconic win at the ICC ODI Cricket World Cup in 1983 at majestic Lord's Stadium, London. It was this greatest victory of all that set off a slew of further conquests, making India a cricket-crazy nation where our heroes are adored and worshipped.

Morickap Lords83 Resort is set right beside the Krishnagiri Cricket Stadium, offering a panoramic view of the cricket grounds, the mountains, and rolling clouds. Set at 2,100 ft above sea level, it is the highest-altitude stadium exclusively for cricket. Morickap Lords83 Resort welcomes you to enjoy this vivid beauty, salubrious climate, lovely tourist locales, and trekking spots of Wayanad.

Delectable Food

Our inhouse restaurant serves some of the most delicious and authentic food in your favorite cuisines – Indian cuisine, continental, Chinese and much more!

Hassle-free Reservation

Get reservations for yourself or your whole family, friends or your entire corporate board. We also welcome bulk bookings for weddings and receptions!

Experience Privacy

The quietude of the place is only heightened by our discreet room service that is completely unobtrusive yet always at your beck and call whenever you need!

Helpful Staff

Need to plan your local tours or make special bookings to visit a plantation? Our helpful staff are at hand to help you with everything you may need, all you need is ask!

Sensational Location

The natural beauty of the location will take your breath away. Just in front of the resort is the scenic Krishnagiri Cricket Stadium which is lush green all year round.

Commune with Nature

Here you are surrounded on all sides by the beauty and wonder of nature. On one side are virgin forests, the other has plantations and just before us is a green turf.


    Expect the Best of Everything

    You are surrounded by natural beauty in all directions. Gorgeous views from every window. Activities and adventure await you. It’s an incredible place to be and to enjoy.


    Rooms: Chic and stylish.


    Patio: Relaxing and spacious!

    Beds: Large, soft, dreamy!

    Interiors: Individually unique!

    Bathrooms: Well-appointed and a pleasure to be in.

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